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Welcome to the NBA Finals
     I think that the detroit piston will win the NBA championship because last year they lost to the San Antonio Spurs in the 7th round in a very conterversioal position.  Another reason I think that the Pistons will win it all would be the fact that they have the best back court in the NBA. They have 4 all-stars Chaunsey Billups, Richard Hamolton, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace.  Pluse they are one of the best Defensive minded team in the NBA.
    One reason I think that the Utah Jazz will get into the NBA playoff is because they have Andrei Kirilenko.   Andrei Kirilenko is a great basketball player. I think that he deserves to win the Defensive Player of the Year.  Another reason I think the Utah Jazz will get in the playoff would be Carios Boozer and Mehmet Okur. They both are really good player but i think the Andrei kirilenko is holding the team together with this great offense, defense, and hustle
    I say that the San Antonio Spures will loose to the Phoenix Suns  because Phoenix pushes the ball up court and i dont think that the Spures Deffence can stop there transition buckets. But I think that the San Antonio spures are going to loose in the last round.
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